Business Performance

Key Performance Indicators

Delivering Economic Impact

Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, help an organisation define and measure progress towards organisational goals.

We conduct a survey of companies we work most closely with to track their performance against a range of KPIs. These include sales, employment, value added and other important economic measures.

This information is used by us to better understand the impact our work is having on the Northern Ireland economy and to inform the way we can best support business growth in the future.

The latest KPIs show that recovery is broader based and stronger over the past year.

Companies surveyed

Between 2012 and 2013 alone, more than 8,000 net jobs were created in the companies surveyed as investment and demand returned following the downturn.

This growth helped to drive the recovery – in comparison, employment as a whole increased by 1.8% over the same period.

These businesses have also been successful in growing sales.

As you can read in the exports section, competition in international markets grew ever tougher as much of the world economy struggled to move out of recession. This reinforces the ongoing challenge for the Northern Ireland economy to secure business overseas.

To Note

Numbers are provisional and subject to ongoing validation.
Trend is based on group of businesses with data recorded for all years.

by David Roberts, Invest NI Economist