Customer Experience

Customer Focus is at the heart of Invest NI’s values.

Every day we provide advice, guidance and support to a wide range of businesses enabling them to export and grow.

We are also committed to making improvements to help our customers to interact and deal with us. This page provides you with an overview of the activities we engage in to improve how we deliver services for you.

Customer Service Excellence

In January 2014 Invest NI was awarded the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard, a Cabinet Office approved award which recognises an organisation’s commitment to customer service.

The CSE standard supports continuous improvement and we remain committed to identifying and developing opportunities to enhance how we deliver for our customers.

Achieving the CSE standard involves a rigorous and detailed assessment of how an organisation delivers services for customers on five key themes - Customer Insight, Organisational Culture, Information and Access, Delivery, and Timeliness and Quality of Service.

Customer Surveys

Invest NI believes in listening to our cusomters feedback and making improvements. We survey customers on a monthly basis who have received advice, guidance and support from us.

We also do a more comprehensive survey on an annual basis around the services, programmes and financial support we give our customers.

Customer survey feedback informs our internal improvement programmes.

Currently our customer satisfaction is 80% annually and 91% for those who have recently received support from us.

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Customer Charter

We are committed to providing the best service to our customers. Our Customer Charter tells you about our standards and the delivery of our services. The Charter is a way of ensuring that:

  • We create and maintain a customer focus.
  • We communicate effectively with customers.
  • We maintain a level of service above pre-set limits.
  • Our services are tailored and appropriate to customer needs.

The Charter also tells you what to do if you feel that we have failed to provide a satisfactory service and explains how we will deal with your concerns. If you do have feedback that you would like us to consider please get in touch. Complaints & Feedback, Bedford Square, Bedford Street, Belfast, BT2 7ES or email

Find out further information about our upcoming Export Skills Workshops

Customer Service Excellence Forum

Invest NI is a member of the Northern Ireland Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Members Forum. This forum group consists of a range of Northern Ireland based organisations that have been awarded The Cabinet Office approved CSE standard.

Complaints and feedback

Find out about the Invest NI Customer Charter