Are you a small to medium business trying to grow?

Many companies can find it difficult to grow beyond a certain scale. This series of workshops will provide you with the practical tools and advice you need to grow your business faster and realise it's full potential.

The workshops are ideal for owner/managers of small or medium businesses. Attendance at all three workshops is recommended but each offers benefits on a standalone basis.

There are currently no events running.


Workshop overview

Workshop 1 - Create an action plan
You will need a plan. This workshop will help you identify the factors that are holding your business back. Then, by helping you set a clear direction for your business we can show you how to overcome the obstacles and grow faster.

Workshop 2 - Develop ideas for growth
Standing still is no longer an option. You need to introduce new products or service ideas to grow your business faster. We will show you how to simply identify the best ideas and get them to the market place quickly.

Workshop 3 - Make it happen
Once you have set the direction for your business and developed your growth plan you need to pull it all together and start to make it happen. This final workshop will help you finalise your plan for your business and so deliver growth faster.

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