Efficient use of Espacenet workshops, 02 and 03 February 2016, Signal Centre for Business Excellence, Bangor


Intellectual Property Rights are becoming increasingly important to Northern Ireland businesses. Invest NI, in conjunction with the European Patent Office (EPO), are holding two workshops in this specialist area.

The EPO’s search engine Espacenet is an essential business tool when developing new products and the database holds more than 50 million patent documents from around the world. These workshops will be hosted by an EPO expert who will highlight how proficient use of patent literature is an essential tool in improving innovation and knowledge management, offering attendees a great opportunity to advance in these critical areas.

This free online service can:

  • Advise if similar patents have been claimed in other countries.
  • Give you legal status information to help you find out if a patent is in force or not.
  • Confirm existing patent applications and not granted patents.
  • Help you find solutions to your technical problems.
  • Discover what your competitors are doing.

There are no workshops running at this present time.