Transform Leadership In Your Business

If you want your business to be a top global player, make sure the leader and their senior team are top performers!

We can help you to transform the leadership and management skills of your staff through our range of bespoke learning solutions.

The Invest NI Leader Programme will connect you with a wide network of other similar leaders while also providing business mentoring, leadership coaching, practical workshops, strategies for shared learning and insights into your own leadership behaviours through psychometrics and business diagnostics.

The Invest NI Leadership Team Programme focuses on developing the skills and relationships of the top team in order to achieve business growth. It combines world class executive education modules, with specialist business coaching and shared learning through peer networks.

Invest NI provides ongoing opportunities for business leaders to remain connected while continuously developing both their businesses and their learning. The Leadership Space is a series of events for the alumni of leaders who have completed our leadership programmes.

Invest NI also host best practice events that bring together international and local business speakers to talk about their experience and provide access to a range of assessment tools.

You can also gain access to specialist business mentoring support or apply for Non Executive Director support.

Why not start with our free online assessment tools:


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