Our workshops will help you understand the implications, risks and opportunities of Brexit for your business and assess your businesses readiness against the areas most likely to be impacted by Brexit.

These monthly workshops are open to all businesses, at locations across Northern Ireland.

You will hear from specialist advisors on a range of topics including:

  • Strategic sourcing covering the identification of supply chain challenges and continuous improvement of procurement activities to improve margins and reduce risks in a Brexit environment
  • Customs, tariffs and taxation covering changes to the current regime, export market reviews, use of free trade agreements, potential changes to VAT arrangements, and other taxation issues
  • Transport and logistics covering an assessment of Brexit-related risks, analysis of current routes and alternative options
  • Impact of Brexit on your employees covering the movement of people and the UK immigration policy post EU Exit, employment contracts and visas, and measures to ensure staff are fully aware of their immigration status post EU Exit

Each workshop will conclude with a Q&A session followed by a networking lunch.

You can submit a question you would like discussed in Q&A session when you register for a workshop.

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