Advanced infrastructure

Northern Ireland has excellent transport and communications infrastructure.

This means that companies can easily do business with their customer base around the world.


The first-rate road network has minimal levels of congestion and brings most of Europe within 24-48 hours.

Key facts:

  • Three airports deal with almost seven million passengers a year
  • Belfast’s two airports have daily scheduled flights to destinations across the UK and Europe including London, Paris and Amsterdam
  • City of Derry Airport has regularly scheduled services to GB destinations
  • The region has four ports
  • Belfast Harbour is the second busiest port on the island of Ireland
  • 160 ferry and freight sailings per week to Great Britain and Europe


Northern Ireland has a great communications infrastructure and the region enjoys international connectivity at a very competitive cost.

Key facts:

  • The first region in Europe to achieve 100 per cent broadband coverage
  • One of the first to operate high speed, next-generation services with a 100-gigabyte per second transatlantic and terrestrial telecommunications link between Northern Ireland, North America and Europe
  • A fully digital, fully fibre optic communications network
  • Highly deregulated telecoms industry ensures a competitive market 
  • The region’s compact size makes it an ideal test-bed for new communications technology

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