Leadership Conference - embracing complexity in the business world, 28 March 2017


Invest NI is offering an opportunity for CEOs and Managing Directors in Northern Ireland to take part in an event that will challenge and focus your thinking on your leadership role.

World renowned leadership speaker Ben Bryant, from IMD, Geneva will deliver a leadership masterclass here in Northern Ireland. Ben speaks to blue-chip companies throughout the world every year and this is your opportunity to engage in this thought leading masterclass.

He will explore how your skills as leader can maximise the potential of your workforce, transform the executive teams and boards you lead, drive through greater business innovation and enhanced business performance all through strong leadership.

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Why do things get complicated as soon as we have to collaborate with other people?

Business leaders across the world ask themselves this question all the time. The basic answer is that other people are unpredictable to us. They are not like us. They become anxious. And they need to protect themselves from the uncertainty of other people’s thoughts, feelings and actions (which, by the way, are usually no more unpredictable than their own behaviours toward other people).

Senior executive roles lend themselves to over-defensiveness, and this often leads to irrational behaviour and extra complexity in an organization – it appears to be madness at times. There is no miracle cure for this madness. The most effective option involves embracing complexity and resisting the human instinct to simplify everything.

This approach is called mindfulness, and it might seem counter-intuitive at first. But mindfulness is a form of awareness and sense making that allows executives to make better decisions and stay in tune with others in the organization. And the good news is that it can be learnt. So how do we get from madness to mindfulness? Come and find out.