Belfast Company Enhances Performance of Russian Super Computer Centre

OptimaNumerics, a Queen’s University spin-in company that is being assisted by Invest Northern Ireland, has teamed up with IBM to provide its advanced software that will significantly improve the performance of the Russian Joint Supercomputing Centre (JSCC) in Moscow.

High performance software from OptimaNumerics is being installed in the IBM supercomputers to enable JSCC to meet the increasing demands from the Russian scientific and technical community for more powerful computing resources.

The Belfast company is also providing its software to clients in international markets, such as North America and South East Asia, and is currently following up inquiries from Chinese scientific institutions following its participation in an Invest NI trade mission to the Far East.

The IBM tie-up was announced by Dr Kenneth Tan, chief executive of OptimaNumerics and an acknowledged international expert on computational software, and welcomed by Dr John Miller, client manager in Invest NI’s Creative and Design-based Industries. Invest NI is providing support towards the costs of the company’s international marketing campaign.

Dr Miller said: "Our support is geared to assist the company to prove the market potential of what could be a very important boost for Northern Ireland’s reputation and the standing of Queen’s University in the international software industry.”

Said Dr Tan: “Our engagement in the JSCC project is a very substantial endorsement of the quality and innovation that underpins our software, the outcome of my research over many years. The Moscow centre will be an important reference site that we will be able to use in our global marketing drive.

“My business strategy has been focused on building awareness of the products amongst hardware manufacturers and software developers worldwide. IBM’s decision was based on an extensive evaluation that found that the software enhanced the performance of their supercomputers, as well as those of other manufacturers,” he added.

In addition to support from Invest NI, OptimaNumerics has received assistance from the University Challenge Fund through QUBIS, the Queen’s University company that helps commercialise leading-edge research,

The company has developed a suite of computational software products and related services targeted at a number of industrial sectors, including defence,automotive, financial services and aerospace that depend on high performance supercomputers.