Coleraine Company Launches Innovative Software In US

Coleraine-based Mamore Technologies is launching new software for the US healthcare industry this month that it has developed with help from Invest Northern Ireland.

The company, founded by Conal Loughrey, a former IT consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London, New York and Chicago, is investing over £250,000 in the development and marketing of highly innovative software and has received assistance under Invest NI’s Export Start programme.

The company is currently staffing up and is seeking to recruit an additional three  experienced computer programmers to support the marketing of its initial software product, known as the Utilisation Management Knowledgebase (UMK), that it has developed in association with the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) in Chicago.

Mr Loughrey, commenting on the product, says: “UMK is the result of discussions with contacts I made while working in the US. It has been designed to meet a recently introduced requirement that healthcare treatment information should be logged and be made available electronically, particularly for insurance purposes.

“We worked alongside ACOEM to develop a robust but flexible management information solution that is internet-based and meets the specific requirements of this influential organisation. There’s been considerable interest shown already among state bodies and other organisations.

“We’ve also signed an agreement with a US IT company to market the technology across the nation. As a result, we are very confident about the business potential of this solution.

“In addition, I am discussing other innovative software projects, including a solution for the higher education market, with contacts in the US. I’ve already developed a successful prototype for this market opportunity.

“Invest NI’s support has helped us to develop the business in the US and take measures to strengthen the operation here in Coleraine,” he added.

The company has been assisted by Invest NI’s office in Coleraine, which is part of the agency’s North West Local Office (NWLO) in Londonderry.

Kevin Helferty, NWLO Manager, said: “Our support for this technology-driven company is in line with our focus on entrepreneurial businesses with innovative products which have substantial export potential.

“Among its strengths are strong relationships and a client base in the US, its target market. These should help the company to achieve its objectives in what is clearly a very substantial market opportunity for its expertise.

“Mamore Technologies will also offer rewarding and challenging opportunities for technology graduates from the University of Ulster at both Coleraine and Magee.

“It is, furthermore, part of a developing cluster of innovative software and IT companies that are helping us to achieve our strategic objective to transform the North West into a more dynamic economy driven by entrepreneurial businesses focused on innovative technologies for the global marketplace,” he added.

In addition to the US client base, Mamore also undertakes local projects for selected clients, although this is on a very selective basis and the company’s main focus is on the US client base.