Delta Print part of £6m deal from India trade mission

Inpac Delta Group, the joint venture packaging business formed by Delta Print and Packaging of West Belfast and China’s Inpac packaging group, has secured a £6 million contract in India from a major international mobile telephone manufacturer. The deal was signed during Delta Print and Packaging’s participation on a recent Invest Northern Ireland trade mission to India.

The packaging will be produced in Inpac Delta’s packaging plant near Chennai in India and will support a major marketing campaign by the customer to accelerate sales of mobile phones across India. Delta is an integral part of a project to build three factories at Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, two of which are already operating. The Inpac Delta joint venture in India now includes a local partner, Claridge Moulded Fibres of Mumbai.

The contract, the biggest to date secured by Inpac Delta in India, was announced today by Terry Cross, Chairman of Delta Print and Packaging, and welcomed by Tracy Meharg, Invest NI’s Managing Director of Innovation and Capability Development, who took part in the week-long trade mission to Chennai and Mumbai in September.

Mr Cross said: “The contract gives us a very strong presence in a market which is poised to become one of the world’s biggest for mobile telecommunications. Virtually all the main mobile equipment companies are now manufacturing there and are projecting huge growth in a strong marketplace of one billion people.

“As we already work with most of these global companies in China we took a decision to offer our expertise and experience to support them in India. This means forming relationship with international companies wherever their markets are.

“The objective of our joint venture is to offer them a one-stop-shop for printed packaging in whichever market they are operating. It’s a service that also now includes packaging design, logistics and fulfilment. We will pack cartons, install software and ship finished products for them directly to their customers.

"The joint venture route, I believe, is the best and by far the most cost-effective means for a Northern Ireland company to achieve a global reach, increase its competitiveness and thereby secure its long term future," he added.

Praising Delta’s enterprise and export focus, Tracy Meharg said: “Delta is a superb example of how an ambitious and determined Northern Ireland company can position itself successfully at the heart of an international business operation by using our trade programme to identify and develop partnerships and personal relationships in one of the world’s biggest and most dynamic markets.

“Delta has invested a vast amount of time and other resources in its relationship with its Chinese partner and is now reaping significant business benefits from this far-sighted approach and its determination to become a global player in the packaging sector.

“It brings extensive experience and knowledge of printing and packaging technology to the partnership, as well as close working relationships with multinational customers setting up manufacturing operations in huge markets such as China and India.

“Delta is blazing a trail for other smaller companies in Northern Ireland by forming strategic alliances that enable it to provide its expertise to the global marketplace,” she added.