Foster launches new export collaboration network

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster today launched a collaborative network, aiming to support local companies get a share of £1billion of export opportunities across Europe.

Invest Northern Ireland offered £194,000, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, towards a £450,000 collaboration by five local businesses.

The partner companies in Glantek, The Clean Technology Alliance, are working together to develop and market leading edge clean technologies, which will help customers save on energy and costs, reduce waste, lower carbon footprint and enable them to meet existing and future environmental compliance.

Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster said: “Collaborative working is an important initiative for all sectors to consider. The Glantek network will facilitate the sharing of skills and knowledge so that collectively, the companies involved will be in a more competitive position to win business in export markets. The success gained as a result of the collaboration will in turn help to boost future job creation.

“Low carbon solutions and sustainable energy is a growing global concern which the Glantek partner companies have an opportunity to capitalise on. In addition, the wealth of local expertise in innovation, engineering and renewable technologies, alongside the research and development undertaken to create such sustainable processes, will help to enhance Northern Ireland’s position as a region of innovation in the water treatment and organic energy sectors”.

Glantek is already successfully progressing opportunities across water and waste water treatment, agriculture and the agri-food sector, industry and the municipal waste sectors.

John Toner from Glantek commented: “The support and assistance from Invest NI will be crucial in helping the network to develop our products for export. We believe that working collaboratively is the right move for all of us to achieve an enhanced competitive position in the sector with the potential of securing high value contracts in GB, RoI and Europe.”