Further Expansion for US Company’s Belfast Operation

Alastair Hamilton, Chief Executive of Invest Northern Ireland, today announced that US-based BroadSoft, Inc., plans to expand its Belfast facility with support from Invest NI.

The leading global provider of Internet Protocol (IP) based communications services to the telecommunications industry, BroadSoft International, a wholly owned subsidiary of BroadSoft Inc., has been operating in Belfast since 2006 and currently employs 23 people. With the support provided by Invest NI, BroadSoft International plans to add up to an additional 12 high calibre telecommunications jobs.

Mr Hamilton said: “BroadSoft’s plans to further expand its Belfast operation are a great testament to the quality of the workforce that Northern Ireland has to offer and the excellent telecommunications infrastructure that we have in place. Over 14,000 people are employed by US companies in Northern Ireland and their success sends a strong signal to other potential US investors that Northern Ireland is an excellent investment location, offering both a high quality and a cost-effective working environment.”

Mr Hamilton made the investment announcement ahead of the US-NI Economic Conference which is due to take place in Washington DC on 19 October. The conference, which will be hosted by Hilary Clinton, will bring together leading US executives considering investing in Northern Ireland, and US companies that are already operating in the region.

Invest NI has offered £120,000 of support to BroadSoft International.

BroadSoft’s Vice President, Operations, Geoffrey K. Hicks, said: “To date our Northern Ireland operation has delivered exceptional results in terms of quality support. It has further enabled us to strengthen our European presence and leverage regional market opportunities. We have been impressed with the support received from Invest NI to grow our business capabilities in Belfast.”