New range of business services launched by Invest Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland unveiled an enhanced range of Business Improvement Services in Belfast today aimed at helping client companies to save millions of pounds.

The revised services were developed following extensive consultation with companies, and will build on the success of previous programmes which have already saved local firms millions of pounds.

The enhanced range of services will help companies to develop processes, people and business direction, and will include an even more comprehensive system of engagement between Invest NI and its client companies. Key areas of focus will include workplace organisation and layout, people management issues and development of future direction and strategic planning.

Doug Richard, a former panelist from BBC’s Dragon’s Den, spoke to delegates from over 100 companies from across NI at the launch event about his experiences as a serial investor and entrepreneur, encouraging them to continue to search for new ideas and business processes in order to be more competitive.

A case study presented by ICS Computing explained how Invest NI support helped the company to save over £170,000 per annum. ICS is one of a number of companies that have made major savings through improvements in areas as diverse as staff training, marketing and even contract negotiation with suppliers and transporters.

Launching the updated services, Invest NI’s Chief Executive, Leslie Morrison said: “Guidance, expertise and support are needed for companies to address issues effectively and gain the competitive advantage that facilitates survival and growth in today’s marketplace. Our former services have already helped firms to save millions of pounds.

“Our modified services will be hugely important in building on this success, especially in a world where change is constant and rapid, and customer expectations continue to rise.”

Mr Morrison added: “In order to expand, it is vital that companies develop their capability through innovation, technology and services, as well as appropriately managing physical resources. Affordable and timely solutions to business problems will ultimately deliver profitability and help companies to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.”