Northern Ireland companies will be helped overcome obstacles to successful growth by applying creative techniques developed by Dr Win Wenger, a US management expert.

Dr Wenger has been invited by Invest Northern Ireland’s Business Improvement Services (BIS) to lead a series of ‘Unleash Your Business Genius’ events on his innovative approach for local companies that include a half-day seminar in Holywood (28 August) and two master classes in Newcastle (1 –2 and 4-5 September).

Invest NI has invited organisations from across Northern Ireland to participate in the events.

Formerly a US college lecturer in educational psychology, Dr Wenger is now an acknowledged international pioneer and respected trainer in the fields of creativity, accelerated learning and mind development. His techniques are geared to encourage scientific discovery and innovation.

Announcing the series of events, Victor Jordan, BIS Director, said: “Learning how to use Dr Wenger’s unique problem-solving techniques in particular will help local companies realise their full potential through the development of their innovation capabilities.

“The decision to invite Dr Wenger to outline his techniques to our companies reflects our commitment to promote economic growth by encouraging and assisting local businesses to improve performance by investing in innovation at all levels of their operation.

“Through his pioneering work Dr Wenger has pinpointed how companies can achieve greater levels of business success by harnessing the creativity, knowledge and intelligence of managers and workers,” he added.

Ed Vernon, Managing Director of Belfast-based BIC Systems, a leading IT company which is implementing Dr Wenger’s techniques, said: “The techniques are enabling us to build innovation into our business strategy and thereby add further value to the services we provide to all our customers.

“The business will benefit enormously from techniques which encourage creativity and equip staff with problem solving skills,” he added.

Dr Wenger, who has been described as ‘one of the most exciting trainers in America today’, will be making his first visit to Northern Ireland. Based in Maryland, he is the author of almost 40 books, including The Genius Code and The Einstein Factor, and is the founder of the Renaissance Project, a not for profit organisation designed to promote innovative thinking.

Companies wishing to take part in the events should contact Noreen Mikhael at Invest NI. Telephone 028 90 490417, e-mail: