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Independent Accountant Report for Expenditure Based Claims (PDF)
Nov 03, 2015
Template report of Independent Accountant to accompany all Expenditure Based Grant Claims.
Industrial Symbiosis - A guide for businesses in Northern Ireland (PDF)
Oct 15, 2014

A guide for businesses to help improve productivity through efficient resource mangement.

Industrial Symbiosis Case Study | Beech Hill Country House Hotel
Jun 01, 2016
Find out how Beech Hill Country House Hotel worked with River Ridge Recycling to meet a zero waste to landfill objective and also exceed requirements under the Food Waste to landfill regulation and a cost saving of £1100 per year. 
Industrial Symbiosis Case Study | Farrans Construction
Jun 01, 2016
Find out how Farrans Construction worked with ATG to treat 6000 tonnes of dredged silt resulting in a cost saving of £100,000 and sustaining Farrans strong environmental credentials.  
Information Security Handbook (PDF)
Nov 11, 2016

Effective information security is a key priority for Invest Northern Ireland. It is vital for public confidence and for the efficient and effective conduct of our business.

International Sporting Events Guide 2012-2022 (PDF)
Nov 13, 2013

In this Call for Evidence booklet, the Agri-Food Strategy Board seeks views and comments on the development of a Strategic Plan for the agri-food sector in Northern Ireland.