Medica, Düsseldorf, Germany

14-17 November 2016


15 companies from the Northern Ireland Life and Health Sciences sector shared their knowledge, capability and new products at Medica 2016, the world’s largest medical devices event which was held in Düsseldorf.

Northern Ireland has a strong reputation in Life and Health Sciences, with expertise across a range of specialisms, including Precision Medicine, Diagnostics, Connected Health, Clinical Trials and Data Analytics.

The region has a strong tradition of technological innovation in the medical devices sector and today researchers are at the forefront of convergent technologies, merging electronics, telecommunications and the internet with medical devices for personal healthcare.

Find out more information about the Life and Health Sciences sector in Northern Ireland.

Who attended


Armstrong Medical


Armstrong Medical was established in 1984 to sell respiratory disposable products for critical care applications. Since then the company has grown considerably to become a worldwide manufacturer of high quality, innovative respiratory disposables for Critical Care, Neonatal Care and Anaesthesia, all from their facilities in Northern Ireland.


Biopanda Diagnostics


Biopanda Diagnostics is a UK-based company specialising in the manufacture of high quality support reagents for the in vitro diagnostic industry worldwide. Their cost-effective products support research institutes and manufacturers of diagnostic kits for human and animal health.


Biopanda Reagents


Biopanda Reagents develops and manufactures in vitro test kits for clinical laboratories, veterinary practice, and food safety laboratories. The company provides high quality and cost effective test reagents that offer the sensitivity and specificity that customers demand. Their focus on reliability and efficiency has increased the use of their tests globally.


Cathedral Eye


Eyepeace is a first-to-market personal eyelid massager designed to unblock the meibomian gland and so prevent and treat Meibomian Gland Disease, Posterior Blepharitis and Dry Eye Disease. Eyepeace was developed by consultant opthalmologists. It is a world first and will enable sufferers to avoid the painful symptoms of dry eyes.


Ciga Healthcare


CIGA Healthcare Ltd. is an award-winning company that specialises in the development of rapid diagnostic tests for home and professional use. New products from their innovative R&D programme will help change the face of diagnostics and improve healthcare in all corners of the world. In the UK the company supplies several major supermarkets, pharmacies, as well as the NHS and the HSE in Ireland. CIGA distributes Suresign® products to over 70 countries and through their subsidiary in the USA now has several major US customers.


Clinishare Ltd


Clinishare produces software that integrates, activates, engages, enables and elicits data from a variety of clinical and non-clinical stakeholders and sources. This engages the patient, clinician and laboratory in a results driven approach which improves clinical outcomes and enables the patient to become a participant of the clinical team.


Elite Electronic Systems Ltd


Elite Electronics Systems is a consumer electronics manufacturer with more than 25 years in business. The company provides cable assembly, PCB assembly, full box build with inspection and testing, and a turnkey solution. All Elite customers benefit from value for money for quality products, a flexible customer focused approach and reliability.


Exploristics Ltd


Exploristics offer a range of analytics services to the pharmaceutical, medical diagnostics and devices companies, biotechnology, CROs, biobanks and healthcare providers. The company provides data management, programming and statistical support for research studies including predictive modelling, clinical trials, data exploration and real-world data. They have specialist experience in biomarker discovery and development, precision medicine and software development.




G-Care Electronics is a UK based medical device company that develops and manufactures patient monitoring systems which are distributed to over 20 countries. G-Care’s products are sold to hospitals and clinics through a network of worldwide distributors.




Intelesens is an internationally recognised innovator in targeted non-invasive vital signs monitoring. The company has in-depth expertise in wireless telemetry, low power consumption electronics, embedded software, cardiology and respiratory monitoring, detection of atrial fibrillation, body sensors and low level signal processing, patented electrode manufacture and medical systems approval – FDA and CE.


Limpeeze Ltd


Limpeeze is a locally produced solution to relieving pressure related foot pain. It is a first aid kit for feet and contains high quality paddings, toe foams, dressings and tape, all in a resealable waterproof bag, ideal for sports bags, handbags, travel etc. Take the pressure off with Limpeeze.


Safety First Sales Ltd


Safety First Sales manufacture high quality X-Ray protection garments and accessories for use in medical, dental or veterinary environments. Their products are manufactured from market leading materials by a team of quality conscious manufacturing professionals.


TriMedika Ltd


TriMedika™ designs and manufactures vital signs devices for clinical use, putting advanced technology into the hands of medical professionals to benefit patients now. Designed in the UK, EU manufactured, TriMedika’s infrared nontouch thermometer delivers significant cost savings to hospitals and optimizes infection control.


Yelo Ltd


Yelo Limited is a dynamic engineering company developing cutting edge technology and are leaders in the manufacture of automated test equipment. With a variety of customers ranging from large multinational corporations to smaller specialist companies; Yelo creates, manufactures and supports test solutions on a global scale.

Who visited


Advanced Diagnostics Products Ltd


Advance Diagnostic Products Ltd is a UK manufacturer of Esoteric Quality Control Sera for use in laboratory testing. All R&D is carried out by their in-house laboratories. Advance Diagnostic Products manufacture quality control sera for serum indices, Xanthochromia, Anti-Mullerian Hormone, Troponin T / I High Sensitivity, Drugs of Abuse, HbA1C and Teicoplanin. Exhibiting at: Hall 1 /F07

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