2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference
10-14 July 2016

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) brings together over 15,000 attendees from around the globe for a week of networking and learning - all with the goal of increasing partner profitability and accelerating business growth.

Invest Northern Ireland supported twelve companies who visited the 2016 conference held in Toronto, Canada.

Read further information on the companies who attended below.


Who attended

Automated Intelligence has developed solutions which aim to assist an organisation by automatically identifying and analysing data for its ‘usefulness’ to the organisation and manage this content into the future. At the same time irrelevant data will be deleted from the source system.


CodeC-DSS specialise in the sale of hardware and the provision of professional services. CodeC-DSS is dedicated to understanding and embracing the shifts that change within technology and to make these changes work for our customers.

Endeavour is a multi-awarded Microsoft competency partner (3 Gold, 5 Silver) that offers cloud computing, managed services and bespoke software development solutions using Microsoft based technologies and services.

Etain has delivered custom software solutions to the services sector in the RoI. The solutions provided are membership management systems for private sector organisations and bodies.

Leaf has currently 26 staff and remains in growth phase with an average year on year growth of 25% revenue. They are an indigenous Northern Ireland company who has started an expansion into the Republic of Ireland. Leaf provides managed services based on Cloud, Infrastructure and Devices


Founded in 2009, New CMI Ltd is an ICT managed services provider with its head office and sales in Northern Ireland and a sales and operations unit in South East England. The company has a well-established services portfolio encompassing IT support, managed services, technical and consulting services, technology solutions and procurement services aimed at mid-market organisations in both territories.




Novosco has delivered enterprise-level hosting services to mid-market organisations in the UK and Ireland for the past 20 years and our unrivalled industry-leading service levels have allowed us to keep all our customers ever since.

Hosted IT and Telecom services. Market for hosted services and providers who can give some piece of mind around service and support is strong.

Outsource Solutions • IT infrastructure design, build and support • IT managed services • Hosted IT services • Market for hosted services and providers who can give some piece of mind around service and support is strong.


P2V Systems provides expert IT services to businesses. Whether the requirement is to operate more efficiently and cost effectively or to grow and develop the IT systems, they provide the solutions and infrastructure that can make a real difference to the business operation.




Repstor are a software company whose founders and management have a heritage in ECM technology companies and a strong foundation in Software Engineering. This gives provides a deep understanding of the issues facing companies in gaining control over their content while retaining user buy-in and ensuring system adoption.

Xperience is comprised primarily of three specialist ICT technology units encompassing ICT infrastructure, accounts and ERP and CRM software. With established links to ‘best of breed’ technology partners, Xperience has the ability to assist businesses with software, hardware, consultancy and implementation.