Entrepreneurial software consultancy firm invests £650,000 to develop exports

Jan 19, 2009

Newtownabbey-based business Sensible Networks is seeking to grow in external markets through a £650,000 project, supported by Invest Northern Ireland.

Sensible Networks specialises in the provision of software products and associated consultancy services.

The company’s main product enhances existing software used by IT companies, helping them to centralise information more easily from a range of separate databases.

Oonagh Hinds, Invest NI’s Eastern Regional Office Manager, said: “Sensible Networks has demonstrated a high level of entrepreneurship by developing and commercialising this new technologically advanced product. It is now seeking to progressively grow sales outside Northern Ireland by building its operational and sales capability.

“Added value activities being implemented as part of this investment include market research, brand building, website development, online marketing, advertising, market visits and customer relationship management.

“This is the type of project that is needed to help strengthen the local economy as Sensible Networks consolidates its strategic partnerships and increases its competitive advantage in export markets.”

Ryan McKeever, Managing Director of Sensible Networks, said: “Since being established in 2006, Sensible Networks has developed a core product that has been successfully tested, and demonstrated high functionality and reliability in the marketplace. Our ‘Sensible Messaging’ product is already being used by a number of clients including AIBP, a leading supplier of beef products based in the Republic of Ireland.

“The size of external markets for our offering is considerable and with Invest NI’s help we are positioning ourselves to serve these markets more effectively and significantly increase our turnover and profitability.

“This investment aims to increase awareness of our IT solutions amongst potential customers throughout the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain and grow our client base in these markets. Our target customers mainly include other software developers which use a specific type of software application that can be enhanced by our product.”

Sensible Networks is recruiting five new operational workers as part of this investment.

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