Sep 23, 2004

Cookstown-based TES (NI) is benefiting from increased efficiency and significant cost-savings following the introduction of a new networked computer system installed with expert advice from Invest Northern Ireland.

The company, which employs 32 people in the design, manufacture and installation of control panel and switchgear equipment for applications mainly within the water and quarrying industries, turned to James Magee, the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Advisor at Invest NI’s Western Local Office in Omagh, for guidance about updating technology used by staff in its offices in Derryloran Industrial Estate.

"This is a very successful local company which had basically outgrown its computer system and wanted advice about the latest information and communications technology."

"The main problem was the absence of a local area computer network, which was causing a number of difficulties for office-based staff, including accessing shared documents and printers," Mr Magee said.

"It also meant there was no central backup facility for crucial documents, such as drawings, and access to the internet and e-mail was limited because these were confined to one PC," he added.

Brian Taylor of TES (NI) is quick to acknowledge the difference the subsequent investment in a networked computer system has made to the company’s operations.

"It’s provided us with the means to secure valuable data and peace of mind that data can be recovered in the event of failure. It’s also given us the platform that we need to further develop the use of ICT in the business."

"Our internal and external communications procedures have improved considerably, providing efficiencies and cost savings in a number of areas."

Among the benefits is a much safer storage and easier retrieval of Important drawings, financial data and other documents.

The latest e-mail management system enables the company to communicate faster with customers and ensures staff are also able to share information quicker than previously was the case.

As a result, TES is now well positioned to make use of ICT as a key business tool and is already planning to create a website and a computerised contract management system.

The ICT Advisory Service is open to all companies and complements the existing support provided by the Invest NI.

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