Sharing the Secrets of Success

Oct 13, 2004

Internationally renowned business guru, Larry Farrell, will be sharing the secrets of successful entrepreneurship in two masterclasses organised by Invest Northern Ireland, which take place next week.

The masterclasses, part of Invest NI’s ‘Go For It’ campaign, are open to those thinking about starting a business or those already in business who would like to revive their entrepreneurial spirit.

Larry Farrell is one of the world’s most respected authorities on entrepreneurship and his principles are applied by major companies such as Coca Cola and American Express.

His seminars at Invest NI’s recent Start a Business Show were full to capacity, with audiences describing his talks as ‘inspiring’ and ‘full of contagious enthusiasm’.

The masterclasses, taking place on 2nd and 3rd December, promise to leave the audience ‘turbo-charged and ready to go for it’. Among other topics Larry Farrell will discuss the three essentials for getting started in business and what he believes are the four high-growth basics of entrepreneurial enterprise: a sense of mission; customer and product vision; high-speed innovation and self-inspired behaviour.

The first masterclass, Getting Entrepreneurial – Starting a Business, is for those just thinking of setting up a business. By the end of the seminar participants will have learnt the secrets of the world's great entrepreneurs and created their own start-up plan.

The second masterclass, Growing your own Business, is aimed at people running businesses, and focuses on how to keep being innovative and make the most of your ideas.

Commenting on the upcoming seminars, Eamon Mulvenna, Head of Entrepreneurship and Start-up in Invest NI says: “These masterclasses are a tremendous opportunity for local business people, or those thinking of starting a business, to learn from the world’s leading authority on entrepreneurship.

“Larry Farrell has advised companies and governments the world over but his message is relevant to anyone interested in running a business, or as he puts it: ‘anyone interested in feeding their family through their own endeavours’.

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