10 companies from Northern Ireland participated in the Paris Air Show, the world’s largest gathering of aerospace companies.

A global leader, Northern Ireland Aerospace is a dynamic, rapidly growing international aerospace industry cluster with almost 100 companies engaged in advanced aerospace design, manufacturing and leading edge aerospace technology.

Founded on a strong engineering heritage and rich in knowledge, skills and experience, Northern Ireland Aerospace offers major aerospace corporations a resilient, agile supply chain with expertise in key technologies including: composites design and manufacturing; advanced metal forming; precision machining; seating & interiors; design & stress; tooling design and manufacturing.

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Who exhibited

  • Bombardier

    Bombardier's Belfast operation is the largest investor in Northern Ireland and the largest manufacturing company, with a total workforce of around 3,800. It specialises in the design and development of complex composite and metallic structures, including wings, engine nacelles and fuselages and has a comprehensive after-market support business.

  • Boyce Precision Engineering

    Boyce Precision Engineering offers it's customers performance improvements through the intelligent use of fixings and lean methodologies within it's manufacturing capabilities.

    It has fostered a culture of innovation and invested in technology, so it can answer a wide variety of engineering challenges including, machined components, machine prototyping and manufacture and mould production. Boyce is AS9100 certified and holds SC21 Bronze Award status.

  • Causeway Aero Group

    Causeway Aero offers a complete range of services from engineering design, analysis and development to supply chain management and product assembly. Causeway is AS9100D and EASA 21G/145 accredited with sister EASA 21J partners and provides turnkey solutions for product development and production.

    Causeway's Developments Division offers a highly agile product development and prototyping capability. On-time, on-spec and on-budget; Powered by Causeway. It is AS9100 certified and has achieved SC21 Bronze Award status.

  • CCP Gransden Ltd

    CCP Gransden is a leading specialist in the manufacture of Advanced Composites including high rate applications. CCP specialises in both thermoset and thermoplastic processes, serving the aerospace, defence and automotive sectors.

    CCP offers a wide range of manufacturing options, from prepreg, RTM and HPRTM, to press-forming of continuous fibre thermoplastic (PEEK, PPS, PEI) Laminates combined with either single-stage or two-stage over-moulding. It also has a range of complementary services including CNC machining, waterjet cutting and fabric/prepreg cutting, kitting and a paintshop capability. CCP is AS9100 certified and has achieved SC21 Bronze Award status.

  • Denroy Plastics

    Denroy Plastics is a leading supplier of injection moulding services and assemblies to the aerospace sector. Offering the latest CAD technology, 34 moulding machines, a variety of post moulding services and an extensive tooling facility, Denroy can provide a complete project management package from conception through to full volume production.

    It has extensive knowledge and expertise in processing PEEK and PPS for aerospace applications and has achieved SC21 Gold Award Status.

  • McGreevy Engineering

    McGreevy Engineering specialises in precision machined components, with internal engineering capabilities to support 5-axis milling and multi axis turn mill machine tools.

    The company utilises advanced manufacturing technologies in a lean environment, producing products from materials including Titanium, Inconel and Aluminium. McGreevy Engineering has AS9100 certification and SC21 Bronze accreditation.

  • Moyola Precision Engineering

    Moyola Precision Engineering is a specialist provider of 5 axis components, kits and sub-assemblies to the civil and defence aerospace industry.

    It is a technology-driven company, investing heavily in its capabilities year on year and it produces parts for the majority of the Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and BAE Systems aircraft programs. Moyola has achieved SC21 Gold Award status.

  • Nacelle Group

    The Northern Irish based Nacelle Group compromises of two complementary business, Nacelle Systems Consultancy (NSC) and Resonate Testing Ltd.

    Nacelle Systems Consultancy (NSC) has decades of experience in propulsion systems integration and Resonate Testing Ltd an ISO17025 Accredited Certification Level Testing - Fire, Vibration, or Combined Environmental test facility. Specialising in Vibration Testing and the only UKAS and propulsion grade Kerosene Burner UK based facility.

  • SAM Aerospace

    SAM (United Kingdom) is a global leader in the manufacture of complex machined parts such as nacelle hinge and latch beams.

    With its European aerostructures hub in Northern Ireland, it is part of the Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Group of companies employing over 2,200 people in facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Germany supplying Primes and Tier 1s in the global aerospace and industrial equipment arena. It is AS9100 accredited and has achieved SC21 Silver Award status.

  • United Performance Metals Ltd

    United Performance Metals has over 35 years' experience supporting the aerospace market. As a global distributor of high performance metals, it has the quality system and industry approvals required within nine locations throughout the world, state-of-the-art processing and inventory management. It is AS9100 certified and has achieved SC21 Silver Award status.

SC21 Gold Accreditation for Northern Ireland companies

Learn how Northern Ireland companies Moyola Precision Engineering and Denroy Plastic were successfully awarded SC21 Gold accreditation, two of only three companies in the UK to have been awarded this.

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