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Northern Ireland | Pioneering innovative materials handling solutions


Northern Ireland is recognised as a centre of excellence in the design, manufacture and supply of materials handling equipment suitable for a broad range of applications including recycling, construction, quarrying and mining. Companies operating in the region are renowned for their innovative approach to providing a diverse range of cost-effective solutions tailored to individual customer needs.


The region is globally recognised for the development of mobile solutions, having pioneered this concept more than 50 years ago. This offers a turnkey solution that can be used in both confined and open spaces and that is easily transportable on site and between sites. Over 40% of the world’s mobile crushing and screening equipment is made in Northern Ireland.


Proven experience


International names with a manufacturing presence in Northern Ireland include McCloskey International, Sandvik, Telestack, Terex and Tesab. These companies, along with indigenous firms such as CDE Global, Edge Innovate and Smiley Monroe, are successfully delivering solutions on every continent and in locations ranging from ports, inner cities and jungles to steel mills and power stations in challenging conditions ranging from extreme desert environments to arctic conditions.

把北爱尔兰作为生产基地的物料处理机械跨国公司包括McCloskey International、山特维克、Telestack、特雷克斯和 Tesab。北爱尔兰也拥有多家杰出的本土企业,如CDE Global、Edge Innovate和Smiley Monroe等。这些公司的产品已远销全球各大洲,遍布世界各港口、城市、山林、钢铁厂和发电厂等众多场景。

Invest Northern Ireland is the economic development agency for this part of the United Kingdom. It helps new and existing businesses to compete internationally and attract new investment to Northern Ireland.


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