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About the programme

Our Operational Excellence Solutions support can help your business develop competitive advantage by facilitating improvements to productivity and, in turn, profitability. Operational excellence can be applied in businesses of all sizes across all sectors.

Typically, our support aims to reduce non-essential work in the business by up to 25%.

This project is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

What support is available?

Our Operational excellence coaches will work with your business to maximise your available resources so you can become more competitive, efficient, and effective – making the work easier, better, faster, and cheaper.

We do this through:

  • Delivering workshop-based training, specialist advice, and best-practice events showing how to get the best out of available resources
  • Identifying and facilitating productivity improvement opportunities and projects
  • Supporting your business’s journey to embed a culture of continuous improvement

We focus on developing your internal capability to facilitate sustainable improvements, helping you integrate new concepts, tools and techniques that can significantly improve many areas of your business.

These include:

  • Waste identification and elimination to improve workflow
  • Creating a visual workplace – visual displays, controls and management
  • Daily management and leadership routines for continuous improvement
  • Changeover & set-up time reduction
  • Strategy development, deployment, and alignment

An independent evaluation of our operational excellence support calculated that for every £1 invested, we delivered £17 in benefits to your business.


Our Operational Excellence video tutorial series can help you on your operational excellence / lean journey.

Topics include introduction to lean thinking, a range of lean techniques and tools including practical problem solving, daily management routines, plant layout and more.

Discover more

Hear how our Operational Excellence team helped Hampton Conservatories to streamline their processes, improve efficiencies and become a world leader in their field.

Who is eligible?

The specialist advisory support is open to all Invest NI clients.

Access to our online resources, general advice and attendance at some workshops is available to the wider business community.

Further Information

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