Business Direction Tutorial: Prepare your growth plan

You are looking to grow your business but when was the last time you stopped dealing with day to day stuff and really analysed your current performance? You need to do this first if you want to set the right direction for your business. This tutorial will help you do this. There are 6 chapters. It will take around 30 minutes but you can do it in your own time or one chapter at a time. There are practical exercises to do as you progress through the tutorial so allocate time to do it. So let’s get started. 

2. Vision statement and objectives

  • Where do you want your business to be?
  • What is your vision of the future?
  • Setting goals

3. Assessing your business

  • Do a SWOT analysis
  • Internal factors
  • External factors

4. Growth options

  • New customers or more sales to existing ones?
  • What should you focus on?

5. The need to be innovative

  • Strategic approach
  • Use the ANSOFF matrix

6. Write your growth plan

  • Bring everything together
  • Involve colleagues in the plan

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