COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant for Retail and Wholesale

Check your eligibility

To make an application, you will need to provide:

  • Your business name.
  • Your contact name and number.
  • Your business address and postcode.
  • The date you established your business in Northern Ireland. 
  • Number of people you employ in Northern Ireland.
  • The financial year end of your business.
  • The annual turnover of your business.
  • The balance sheet total of your business. 
  • Last 2 years annual accounts information and headline financial projections including turnover, employee numbers, offline and online sales.
  • Details of the project with costs, tasks and timelines.
  • Your company registration number (if applicable) issued by Companies House, beginning with NI followed by six numbers, for example NI123456.

You will also need to provide electronically:

  • Supplier quotation(s) for all the project costs included in the application form. It is advisable you shop around and get quotes from a few potential suppliers but please only attach the preferred supplier quotation(s). The supplier quotations should be itemised and clearly show the work/tasks to be completed and duration of these tasks to allow eligibility to be determined.
  • A valid form of Photographic ID as proof of your identity, such as a scanned or photograph copy of a valid passport or a current (full or provisional) driving licence. In the case of a Limited Company, this must be for a registered Director.
  • A scanned or photograph copy of proof of the business address such as a bank statement or utility bill dated within the last three months for an account used by your business that clearly shows the address.

The maximum file size of each attached document is 10MB and should be in PDF, PNG, JPEG or JPG file format.

The online application form takes approximately one hour to complete. You can save your application and return to it at any time, prior to the closing date of 5pm Friday 15 October 2021.

Is your business eligible?

Answer the following questions to find out if you can apply.

Q1 - Is your business based in Northern Ireland and has been trading at least 2 years?
Q2 - Are you a retail or wholesale business?
Q3 - Is your business a small or medium sized enterprise(SME)?
  • Employing between 5 and 249 full-time staff or full-time equivalent (FTE)
Q4 - Has your business been trading profitably for at least two years and is it currently solvent?
Q5 - Does your retail or wholesale business mainly sell a physical product, or a range of physical products, that can be sold online and shipped to customers?
Q6 - Does your business have an existing online presence such as a business website, online marketplace or social media channel?
Q7 - In either the current or previous two financial years, has more than 50% of your revenue been from offline sales instead of online sales?
Q8 - Will your project receive any other public funding such as government or European Union funding?
Q9 - Will your project have a minimum eligible expenditure of £10,000?
Find out more about eligible activities here
Q10 - Are you able to deliver your project, pay the costs in full and submit your claim to Invest NI before 28 February 2022?

Sorry, from your answers your business does not meet the eligibility criteria for the COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant.

You can find out more about the COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant eligibility criteria here:

For latest information, the measures taken by the UK Government and Northern Ireland Executive and the support available to help you mitigate its impact of COVID-19, please visit:

If you have any enquiries about the COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant complete this enquiry form.