5 years of data to be published on Open Data NI


Olive Hill, Executive Director Strategy
Invest NI
Nov 07, 2017

Open data is an initiative that provides access to data for use by others without restriction.

Its primary aim to drive efficiency in the Public Service, and encourage new innovative commercial opportunities and economic growth across public and private sectors. The Open Data NI portal has been created to facilitate easy access to Northern Ireland public sector data for both reuse and redistribution.

As part of this initiative, next week Invest NI will be publishing high level data on our financial support to businesses on Open Data NI.

This will be for the last 5 years and will include the following:

  • company name
  • current address
  • council area at time of offer
  • country of ownership
  • amount of support and investment
  • promoted jobs
  • sector
  • what the support was for

Much of this information is already in the public domain by way of media articles and end of year reporting. We are also frequently asked for this information under Freedom of Information requests and publishing the data will reduce the need for such requests in the future. As always, we are very conscious of commercial sensitivities regarding information provision and can assure you that no personal or commercially sensitive information will be included.

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