How online marketplaces can boost your international sales


Nick Martin, e-Business Advisor
Feb 05, 2015

There are dozens of international online marketplaces. But which ones are worth considering for your business?

Outside of the giants of eBay and Amazon, there are many other international online marketplaces.

At two recent masterclasses organised by Invest NI, local businesses were introduced to MercadoLibre, Alibaba and Tejuri and given a practical step-by-step approach to selling on these marketplaces.

Major e-marketplaces


MercadoLibre is the most visited website in Brazil, with over 52,000 sellers and 99.5 million customers. It operates in 13 countries, and is the largest e-commerce sales channel in Latin America. It allows retailers to sell in countries like Mexico or Argentina without localised websites.

Alibaba (including companies like Tmall, Alipay) has 24,000 employees and 300 million active users. There have been over 12.7 billion orders placed through these marketplaces.

Pioneering the e-commerce industry in the Middle East, offers its customers fast delivery and shipment to nearly 180 countries. It has over 125 stores, 350 brands and 15,000 products.

Top international e-commerce tips

The main speaker at the masterclasses was Sarah Carroll from Grow Global. She is one of the UK’s leading experts on how to make a website international and how to communicate effectively internationally.

Feedback from delegates

Over 90 delegates attended the masterclasses, which were focused on helping them increase international sales. The hands-on approach of the masterclasses gave them the chance to do practical exercises based on their own company and build a step-by-step achievable international web strategy.

Listen to Cahill Quinn from Quinnspares NI explain why attended the selling on international e-marketplaces workshops.

If you want to find out how we can help you sell online call Invest NI on 0800 181 4422.

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