How to make your online marketing work for your business


Nick Martin, e-Business Advisor
Oct 13, 2014

It’s a common question many businesses are asking – how do you make online marketing work for your business?

At our autumn series of ICT Workshops digital marketing expert Susan Hallam sought to answer this question and provide a greater understanding of online marketing.


To get an insight into what attendees expected to learn from the workshop I caught up Shaun Mulhern, marketing officer for employment law training company Legal Island. Watch a short video of Shaun outlining why he was attending the workshop

Susan Hallam, one is one of the UK’s leading digital marketing experts and founder and Managing Director of Hallam Internet, a digital marketing agency working with a number of world leading companies.

Digital marketing challenges

Digital marketing has revolutionised marketing in the past decade. It has presented lots of opportunities for marketers but with every opportunity also comes a challenge. Some of those challenges include the speed at which technology is changing, new emerging social networks, the rapidly evolving search engine optimization query and the necessity to measure and report on digital activities.

Top tip for digital marketing

Often the hardest thing about digital marketing is deciding what to focus on. According to Susan you should ensure you have a high performing website as this will supplement all your other efforts.

Positive feedback

The workshop series was very well received by attendees. Read below some of the comments.

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