Friendship Four, Belfast

23-24 November 2018


Northern Irish Connections, Invest NI’s global diaspora initiative, was delighted to have sponsored the 2018 Friendship Four tournament and welcomed the opportunity it presented to showcase our region to those who took part in the action in November here in Belfast and to the tournament’s followers across the US and Canada.

About The Friendship Four

The ‘Friendship Four’ (F4) is an ice hockey tournament launched in 2015 in support of the Boston/Belfast sister city agreement. Now in its fourth year, the Friendship Four attracts thousands of spectators (including an estimated 800 international visitors) to the SSE Arena and is televised/ distributed online to an audience of over 120 million across the US and Canada. The US universities who took part this year were Boston University, Union College, Yale University and the University of Connecticut.

Find out more about the companies who attended below.

Alt tag here Analytics Engines

Analytics Engines is a Belfast-based analytics company specialising in integrating, aggregating and visualising data. Our technology and expertise enables organisations to convert data into valuable business insights. We have developed a range of high-value products within the healthcare, government and private sectors. Founded in 2008 from the world leading ECIT Institute at Queen’s University Belfast, Analytics Engines is recognised as a leading provider of data analytics solutions to both the private and public sectors.


Alt tag here CET Cryospas

CryoSpa Ice Bath Therapy CryoSpa Ice Baths, as used by AC Milan, Bayern Munich & Manchester United, are not just ice baths but offer accelerated recovery post-match & after training. Peer reviewed published research confirms CryoSpa therapy reduces DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and combats fatigue thereby aiding performance & lowering the risk of injury. One Super League Rugby client reported a 16.5% reduction in the cost of injury treatment, an 11% reduction in the overall number of injuries, a 21% increase in player availability and a 58% reduction in ligament injuries over two seasons. The combination of hydrostatic pressure (1m deep), massage jets (cooling by convection), low temperature (down to 1C) and salt water maximizes the therapeutic effect. CET CryoSpas are not simply superior to conventional ice baths in terms of therapy but offer significant cost savings by removing the need for constant cleaning & the inconvenience and expense of ice. For more information email: or call 02892 690056

CET Cryospas


Alt tag here FSL Electronics

FSL Scoreboards are a leading manufacturer and supplier of indoor and outdoor electronic scoreboards for Sport within the UK. Since designing & manufacturing our first electronic scoreboard in 1993, we have supplied thousands of sporting clubs worldwide, including events such as the FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup. In addition, FSL also design and manufacture a range of athletic development systems which are used by coaches throughout the world to enhance the performance of their athletes. FSL have now developed The JumpMat Pro, which is an App-Based, Lower Body Power analysis tool, allowing coaches to make more informed decisions regarding athlete fatigue and coaching session intensities. The JumpMat provides coaches with metrics such as Jump Height, Flight Time, Contact Time on the mat, Reactive Strength Index(RSI), Energy(J), Power(W) and Take-Off Velocity(m/s). This information can then be collected and collated in visual reports, exported to e-mail, and presented to Athletes at the discretion of the coach. The JumpMat Pro is now in use throughout the UK, Australia, Mainland Europe, and US, with in-market sales teams active in each region.

FSL Electronics


Alt tag here Incisiv

Incisiv Ltd. is a UK-owned global performance technology company with a mission to pioneer the improvement of a player’s ability to make match-winning decisions. In any sport, the difference between winning and losing often comes down to great decisions players make. Although current performance technologies can measure how fast, fit and strong players are, none can tell us how good they are at making the right decision under pressure - the holy grail of coaching. Great decision making is a complex neurological process based on what you see, hear and feel at that moment in time. Over the last 20 years Professor Cathy Craig, CEO and Founder of INCISIV, has been carrying out world-leading research to unlock the secrets of how players make the right decision, at the right time and execute it in the right way. At INCISIV we are translating this know-how to develop the world’s first technological platform that measures and develops a player’s ability to act intelligently. Using the power of virtual reality technology, we analyse real-time decision-making captured through an individual’s interactions with compelling sport specific VR content. Our validated decision analytics engine, will not only profile players’ ability to make great decisions, but will offer new ways to train smarter, protect players from injury and facilitate their return to play. Our first product to market is ‘Clean Sheet’. A product we believe will help goalkeepers make more saves, so teams win more games.


Alt tag here Kairos

A tailored and dynamic sports performance platform - Kairos optimizes the performance of professional athletes by providing them with a structured tool to engineer and own their bespoke medical, athletic and skill requirements. These features are delivered simultaneously alongside real time insights allowing the athlete to attain peak performance on game day.



Alt tag here O'Neills

O’Neills was founded in 1918 as a manufacturer of Gaelic footballs and is now the largest sportswear manufacturing company in Ireland. We are 100% Irish owned, proud of our heritage, employing over 860 staff in Ireland. We have extensive manufacturing plants in Strabane, Co. Tyrone and in Walkinstown Avenue, Dublin. We knit yarn into fabric in our modern knitting and dyeing plants, which is transferred to our print and sewing units to be made up. Our ability to manufacture from our own fabrics allows us to offer garments to meet the short delivery dates required by our customers. In the last forty years the company has expanded considerably and is now a major supplier across a wide range of sports including Gaelic games, soccer, rugby, boxing, basketball, athletics, hockey, Australian Rules football and netball. Our aim is to produce high quality garments suitable for all sporting and leisure activities. All garments can be personalised to include club and sponsor logos, player names etc. In addition we offer a range of leisurewear in core stock colours, which can be personalised to the club. Clubs can create their own designs for playing kit and leisurewear using our website



Alt tag here Performa Sports

We help coaches to develop better players by giving coaches more time to deliver better insights into their players performance to make a difference. Performa Sports is a real-time analysis platform that improves coaching and player performance. The product is an iPad & Cloud Platform that is simple and easy to use by coaches to track in-game analysis, feedback data to players and share video analysis to aid understanding and communication.

Performa Sports


Alt tag here Randox Biosciences

Randox Biosciences is dedicated to advancing scientific discovery, drug development and diagnostics. Randox Biosciences is a trusted partner supplying quality diagnostic solutions to the clinical, life science, pharmaceutical, research and biopharma industries. We specialise in supplying academic centres, genetics laboratories and the global biopharmaceutical industry with products tailored to their specific needs.

Randox Biosciences


Alt tag here RETìNíZE

RETìNíZE is an award-winning immersive content studio that specialises in the creation of live action and animated VR content, as well as interactive and geolocative AR applications. We are one of the UK’s longest standing immersive media producers but our roots and reputations lie in high-end global film & television where, for almost twenty years, our parent company, Wild Rover Productions, has created TV shows for major UK and international broadcasters. Our clients to date include international broadcasters such as the BBC and National Geographic to brands such as BMW, Land Rover and Seagate. Our mission is to create incredible immersive experiences that stretch the boundaries of the viewer and immersive media. At heart we’re experienced content people, with an intimate knowledge of the techniques and technologies required to create truly unforgettable immersive experiences.


Alt tag here Statsports

STATSports Group was founded back in 2008 off the back of a chance encounter between Sean O’Connor and Alan Clarke. A little more than a decade on and the company has irrevocably changed the way sport is coached and analysed. By combining cutting edge technology, sport science, and feedback from industry professionals, STATSports has revolutionised the sports tech wearable industry. With their Apex unit, the company has developed a device that can be worn in a vest and positioned between the shoulder blades during training and matches. It measures and analyses physical attributes of players and provides feedback over hundreds of metrics – such as distance and speed, as well as levels of fatigue and potential injury. The data can be streamed directly to a phone, tablet or smartwatch, helping coaches make informed and instantaneous decisions during training and games. Leading elite soccer clubs including Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Juventus are all partners. On the international scene, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland use the Apex devices alongside the likes of US Soccer, Brazil and many more. The IRFU, all four Irish rugby provinces, numerous GAA teams, NFL and NBA franchises are also on the client roster. STATSports have also entered the consumer market with the all-new Apex Athlete Series. The device allows amateur athletes to use the same technology as global soccer stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Paul Pogba to track and improve their performance.




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