ICT and electronics

Northern Ireland has expertise across a range of ICT and electronics disciplines.

Belfast is Europe’s leading destination city for new software development projects. Source: FT, 2014

Over 100 global technology leaders have established business operations in Northern Ireland, including IBM, Intel, SAP, Fujitsu, Cybersource (VISA), BTI Systems and Rapid7.

With vibrant clusters and expertise in cyber security, financial software, mobile telecoms, network management, data analytics, payments technology and health IT, Northern Ireland is an ideal base to develop products, and to grow and support a European customer base.

Companies are attracted by the strong technology focus of the two universities, leading-edge R&D, availability of talented graduates and a competitive cost base.

“The most passionate, devoted, educated and skilled people I have ever worked with.” Paul Vienneau, Merchant Warehouse

“We have been very impressed with the technology ecosystem in Northern Ireland, which shares many of the characteristics of Silicon Valley, including access to world-class cyber-security research at Queen’s University.” Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint Inc.

Cyber Security

Leading US cyber security companies including Rapid7, WhiteHat Security, IBM and Proofpoint have established operations in Northern Ireland to further develop their world leading products, and grow and support their customer base in the US, Europe and Asia.

CSIT (Centre for Secure Information Technologies) is the UK Innovation & Knowledge Centre for secure information technologies. CSIT’s expertise has been recognised by GCHQ – the UK Government Communications HQ.

Data analytics investors include SAP, Intel, Deloitte and PwC.

Financial technology investors include Citi, Allstate NI, Liberty IT, CME and Fidessa.

Queen’s University Belfast is one of the UK’s top five most research intensive universities.

Mobile telecoms investors include BT, Openwave Mobility, ByteMobile and Intel.

Electronics investors include Seagate, Sensata Technologies and GE.


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