Skilled workforce

We’ve got great people.

Northern Ireland’s reputation as a key European inward investment location is underpinned by a high calibre, cost-competitive workforce.

Northern Ireland’s population of 1.8 million is one of Europe’s youngest and fastest growing. 53 per cent of the population is under the age of 40.

There is an enthusiastic and steady stream of smart, talented people for knowledge-based companies seeking a strong workforce.

Our investors tell us that labour turnover is very low.

The country’s education system has long been recognised as among the best in Europe. Nearly a fifth of public expenditure is on education and Northern Ireland consistently outperforms all other UK regions in academic qualifications.

Two world-class universities and an extensive network of further education colleges provide excellent academic and vocational training. Both universities are responsive to business, creating graduates with skills, competency and acumen in business-relevant areas. Over 4,000* people graduate each year with business qualifications in Northern Ireland.

* Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency


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