Support packages

Northern Ireland offers inward investors one of the most attractive support packages available in Europe.

These packages are tailor made for each individual investment project.

Our tailored support packages include cash grants for capital investments and employment, interest relief plus support for a variety of business operations such as R&D, training and marketing.

The region also has an active venture capital market catering for projects up to £2 million.

We may be able to offer you:

  • Revenue grants towards start-up costs, interest relief, factory rental costs, training costs, marketing development costs and R&D. R&D capital spending can be written off against income.
  • Pre-employment training grants.
  • Employment grants.
  • Finance investment in the share capital of a company and government loans at commercial and concessionary rates.
  • Property tax exemptions for manufacturing property.
  • Generous depreciation allowances.

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