Trade Mission to Spain

21 October - 25 October 2018


This trade mission is for Northern Ireland companies who are keen to expand into a new market and to establish new customers and relationships.  The five day visit will be based in both Madrid and Barcelona, and depending on company meetings you may be required to travel outside these two centres.

If you are interested in exporting to this region, click on the Apply now link and answer the questions to see if you are eligible to participate.

Applications have closed.

We will update this page shortly with details of the companies attending.

About the Spanish Market

The population of Spain is about 47 million making it one of the biggest consumer markets in the EU.  Around 1 million British nationals, based mostly in the coastal regions, are permanent or part-time residents.  Over 16 million British tourists visit Spain every year.

Strengths of the Spanish market include:

  • competitive cost of transport of goods
  • highly efficient transportation systems
  • quality and availability of qualified suppliers
  • advanced ICT network

View the Guide to Doing Business in Spain

Companies from Northern Ireland already export around £155 million of goods and services to Spain.  This visit represents an excellent opportunity for companies wanting to develop business in Spain.  The Visit will provide participants with planned meetings to introduce their products and services to key players in both markets, through the support of Invest NI’s In Market Adviser.

Export Advice and Guidance

Our Trade team in Belfast will be on hand with advice and guidance to prepare for the visit.  Working with our Trade Advisers in-market, we can provide tailored market research and arrange individual appointments for your company.

Benefits of Participation

  • Opportunity to access a new export market in Europe
  • Advice and support on doing business in Spain by a country expert
  • In-market support through the in-market trade advisers in Spain
  • Direct insights into the local market opportunities and conditions
  • Up to 50% contribution towards an economy airfare (capped amount) *
  • Up to £75 per night towards accommodation – maximum 5 nights *

* Contribution towards airfares and accommodation is for one participant per company only

The cost of this service is heavily subsidised by Invest Northern Ireland and will include support from our in-market adviser through our Trade Advisory Services (TAS). The cost for participation on this trade visit is £750+VAT.

Please Note - De Minimis Statement

Companies who have exceeded their De Minimis aid limit will be unable to claim assistance towards travel, accommodation and in-market support for this mission. The maximum De Minimis aid any single recipient can receive is €200,000 (cash grant equivalent) over a 3 year fiscal period.

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