10 tips for exporting

10 Top Tips for Exporting

1. Product Design

Design your product or service for global appeal from day one, rather than having to tweak it later. Local knowledge of the country you plan to enter will help you tailor your product.

2. Market Research

Do your research on your market, competitors and all things that could possibly affect your export success and make sure you have a solid export plan before heading overseas.

3. Agree your finances

Approach your bank and financial advisers so they can provide the best possible support.

4. Ask for help

Dont be afraid to ask for help and take advantage of organisations that specialise in supporting exporters such as Invest Northern Ireland.

5. Review your pricing

Ensure that your price point is achievable in the market that you are trying to break in to.

6. Consider cultural differences

Make sure you take into account cultural differences. Look into different business etiquettes around the world and be sure to respect these while travelling since failure to acknowledge these may lead to damaging or costly mistakes.

7. Take your time

Patience is key. Take your time setting up overseas. Invest NI has people on the ground in a range of countries who can assist you.

8. Understand your brand

Know the ins and outs of your brand and understand what makes your brand different from others that are trying to break into the overseas market.

9. Listen to advice

Be open to learning. Listen to the people that are around you and be open to their advice. Although you may think you have covered every aspect, someone could bring something to the table that hadn't crossed your mind.

10. Focus on your target market

Focus on one market at a time. Although it is tempting to pursue multiple markets, be sure to understand the first fully before heading on to others.


Practical export advice

If you want expert advice into preparing for exporting, sign up for Explore Export on 06 November in Belfast. The event free for local companies and, as well as the chance to speak to trade advisor representing 40 countries, there will be seminars to help you with the practicalities of exporting.

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