The benefits of selling on eBay and Amazon

Did you know that in the past year Amazon sellers exported almost £3bn in the EU?

Amazon have just revealed that in the past year businesses selling on its EU websites earned a record €2.8 billion in revenue from exports within the EU.

At our Spring series of ICT workshops Dan Wilson, an eBay and ecommerce expert and the bestselling author of Make Serious Money on eBay UK, Amazon and Beyond examined the basics of selling on eBay or Amazon, maximizing sales and building a fledgling ecommerce business. For those already selling on eBay or Amazon, the focus was on efficiency and how to grow your online sales

The workshops covered many aspects of selling on eBay and Amazon but I have pulled out 10 key tips to consider when selling on these online platforms.

10 tips for selling on eBay and Amazon

1. Mobile shopping is big news
More and more people now buy on their phones and tablets. Make sure your listings look great on such devices.

2. Picture perfect
Especially on eBay, your product pictures are important so make sure they’re good. Images clinch sales.

3. Be platform agnostic
Make sales wherever you can. eBay, Amazon, other marketplaces and your own website.

4. eBay’s Global Shipping Programme
This programme can be a great help if you want to ship abroad at the click of a button

5. Go global with Amazon
Internationalising your sales is easy with Amazon. Consider Fulfillment by Amazon too.

6. Concentrate on best performing stock
Know your business. If 10% of your lines drive 50% of your profits, target your efforts.

7. Ecommerce is a portfolio business
You’ll use lots of different services from automating feedback to different couriers.

8. Adopt tools for efficiency
For every problem you face you’ll fine a service that can help. Check out the Tamebay Guide for ideas

9. Give buyers choice on postage
Some people want it tomorrow, others will wait a few days for cheaper postage. Offer carriage options.

10. Experiment
Ecommerce changes fast and being willing to try out new things is vital.

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