Customer Service Excellence - it's all about trust


National Customer Service Week (1-5 October) is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the economy.

Research shows that excellent customer service can deliver:

  • Better business reputation
  • Increased revenue
  • Customer loyalty
  • Higher staff retention

However providing great customer service is increasingly challenging given that we are operating in an environment where the pace of change is accelerating and where there are many competing forces shaping customer needs.

Many customers want a more personalised service however this is in an environment with increased data protection regulations. Customers are concerned about how organisations collect and use personal information but also increasingly want personalised experiences. As a result customers are more concerned about the values and ethics of an organisation and base their purchasing preferences on this.

The future is exciting with new products and innovative ways of delivering services, all providing more choice. In response to this customers want integrated services with simple and straightforward experiences.

To succeed organisations need to deliver fast, efficient, convenient experiences but also create trusted relationships by providing an emotional connection, empathy and advice.

Earning and maintaining customers' trust is the foundation to success. It will however become more challenging and organisations will continuously need to find ways of demonstrating their trustworthiness, not just in managing customer data but across the breadth of their operational activities and governance. Read tips on how to increase sales through customer service on

Invest Northern Ireland has a stated ambition to become a 'trusted business partner' and is focused on ensuring that doing business with us is a positive experience. We have set 'customer focus' at the heart of our values and we annually assess our customer performance against the Customer Service Excellence® Standard We use the Standard to benchmark our performance against best practice and use the learnings from the assessment to drive business improvement across the organisation.

To ensure we are continually raising the bar we have introduced some improvements to our Customer Charter and Standards of Service. We have made them clearer, more relevant to the work we do with our customers and easier to find on our website.

The Customer Charter tells customers what level of service they can expect when doing business with us and we measure our performance against these promises through the Standards of Service. This clarity and openness on our service commitments and our performance against the standards set helps build our credibility and reliability with our customers and establishes trust in our relationships.

Customer Charter

Our Customer Charter tells customers what level of service they can expect when doing business with us.

Find out more about the Invest Northern Ireland Customer Charter

Standards of Service

Our Standards of Service measures our performance against our promises.

Find out more about the Invest Northern Ireland Standards of Service