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The Business Information Centre holds research covering both consumer and industrial markets, and several resources focus on the food and drink sector.

Research available from Invest NI’s BIC has been produced by market analysts who are experts in their sector, and are experienced in analysing the factors which will help companies identify the best opportunities and prepare for future threats.

BIC holds research covering both consumer and industrial markets, and several resources focus on the food and drink sector. These provide up-to-date research to help companies to make decisions about their products, explore packaging ideas, and develop marketing messages which will resonate with the consumer. The two main ones are:


  • Global New Products Database (GNPD): GNPD analyses samples of the most innovative products on supermarket shelves throughout the world, reporting on the latest trends in flavours, ingredients, packaging, and product claims. It adds 33,000 new products a month, sourced from 62 of the world’s major economies. It can tell you:
    • What consumers are doing. How they are changing. What they think of products, services, brands
    • What will drive future growth. Where the opportunities and challenges will lie
    • Who’s innovating right now. Where the next big things will be coming from
  • Reports: For the UK and Ireland, Mintel’s consumer and industrial reports offer market data, including size, segmentation, forecasts and share, and insightful analysis of the big issues facing the sector.

GlobalData Consumer

  • GlobalData provides comprehensive data and insights into 14 industries, 97 sectors and over 200 categories. It offers research on over 200 countries, detailed profiling of more than 10,000 suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers across the consumer value system. It also offers in-depth consumer insights and trends, pricing information, flavour analysis, and market data at sub-category level.

Recent research

Ten Innovation Trends to Watch in 2018 - GlobalData
2018 will be a year of contradictions in FMCG. This webinar looks at 10 innovation trends for the year including healthy junk food and sweet "revenge". Convenience will rule as friction-free shopping gains ground, but do-it-yourself products allowing one to proclaim "I made it" will go in the opposite direction.

TrendSights Analysis: Ethical Luxury - GlobalData
Quality-focused consumers are embracing products that they consider to be both ethically virtuous and personally pleasurable – premium products signifying improved sustainability and responsibility. The sense of status acquired through the consumption of responsible products is appealing to consumers in both encouraging premium spend to trade up to these products but also justifying the premium positioning of these offerings.

Evolving Meal Occasions - Capitalising on changing food consumption habits - GlobalData
Food consumption is no longer confined to three meals a day, as changing family structures, busier lifestyles and health concerns affect when – and what – consumers choose to eat throughout the day. This report explores how meal occasions are evolving; what the opportunities are and, how brands and manufacturers can capitalise.

Children's Nutrition - Mintel
Health departments across the globe are taking action against dietary-related diseases in children, notably obesity. Parents want their children to eat healthily, but sometimes struggle to put this into action. Healthy, but also tasty foods for children should appeal to parents and children alike.

Free-from as a lifestyle trend - Mintel
What's not in a product has almost become more important than what's in a product for some consumers. This presentation looks at key free-from trends in food and drink, focusing on food and drink products that are free-from food allergens and intolerances.

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