How new technology is changing the way customers shop


At our recent Online Marketplace workshop, Chris Dawson editor of outlined how new technology is changing the way consumers shop.


He explained the impact of a range of these developments during the workshop such as Chatbots. This is the automation of customer contact on websites in real time, based on rules and previous customer interaction designed to give customers more immediate answers to their buying questions and improving the chances of getting a sale.


Another major change is the use of Robots in the automation of warehouse picking and packing of orders. For example Amazon recently purchased 75,000 new robots (saving an estimated £22m in picking, packing and storage costs) as racks can be much closer together as no human needs to walk between them.


Artificial Intelligence

There are also exciting developments in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and as we all have seen recently, in the use of products such as Alexa, “OK Google” and Siri where customers search for products using their voice.

Some of these technological developments are are perhaps more likely to be adopted than others. For example, will customers use virtual reality to “walk” around virtual shops? They may not yet, but it still does have implications to eCommerce.

At the workshop there was also a presentation on Cyber Security by Tony McMahon, one of Invest NI ‘s ICT advisors which included top tips that any business can take to protect their systems and data.

Further information

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