Lean Conference 2016: make your business more efficient, competitive and profitable

At our Lean Conference 2016, 250 local businesses heard from a range of expert speakers on the benefits of lean thinking.

The speakers included Tony Wallis from Toyota Materials Handling, Jeff McGowan from Johnson & Johnson, Richard Holland from TRB Lightweight Structures.

Local businesses who spoke were Maria Creighton from AES Global, Neville Hale from Elite Electronics and Margaret Richards from Interface.

Listen to our expert speakers explain Lean

Conference presentations

Access presentation slides from our Lean Conference.

What is Lean Thinking

The Invest NI Productivity Improvement team help increase the productivity and profitability of businesses throughout Northern Ireland by using the principles and processes of Lean thinking.

Lean Thinking is a structured approach to business improvement looking at the end-to-end processes to identify and eliminate anything that does not add value to products or services. Addressing non-value-adding areas within your business typically results in a productivity improvement of at least 25-30%.

This approach has helped both local and global companies to become more efficient, competitive and profitable, so it’s worth taking a look at how to make your business leaner.

Complete our new tutorial - Driving competitiveness through lean thinking - and learn how to apply it to your business now.

The team has engaged with companies across all sectors in the local economy in over 100 projects and helped these businesses increase their gross value added by £20 million. Listen to what the team do here.

Success stories

There have been many success stories among the 100 companies. One large manufacturing implemented the improvements worked out with the team. This achieved direct customer savings of over £1million, a 33% in delivery performance and savings of £500k from a new parts kitting service.

It is not just manufacturing businesses that can benefit. A local service organisation increased profits by 21% by removing significant waste from its processes. This was achieved by improving involvement and communication across the staff and introducing a culture of continuous improvement.


The team can help you identify process improvement opportunities within your business and promote the benefits of eliminating inefficiencies. We offer training courses, specialist advice and mentoring and run workshops and networking events about how to get the most out of available resources. Download our brochure on what our Productivity Improvement team have to offer (PDF).