The need for leadership training to meet future challenges


I recently attended the Invest NI Leadership Masterclass, where over 120 companies heard the exciting and challenging view of business in the future from the world renowned leadership speaker, Anton Musgrave.

At the event Anton highlighted the ever changing challenges that leaders now face and the exponential opportunities that are open to courageous and future focused leaders and their teams. To get a sense of what he talked about you can view our conference slides.

All this reinforced the view that in this constantly shifting landscape, where a global focus, digital necessity and social-political shifts are commonplace, leaders have to be agile and resilient. In a constantly changing business environment, being able to recover quickly and stay the course in the face of repeated challenges is crucial. CEOs need to have the emotional intelligence to act quickly and come to grips with complex shifts and assist others in moving forward. To thrive in spite of adversities is the truest leadership test.

The leader programme was an excellent opportunity for me to assess and develop my key business skills. In a business that is growing, a mentor and coach provided invaluable support in identifying issues and finding solutions. It is your next step to be a better business leader.

Ronan Quinn, Woodmarque.

We also heard from Brendan Monaghan, CEO of Belfast IT firm Neueda about the company's journey to success. He took a couple of minutes before his spot at the event to outline their story.

Around this time I was completing reviews with the participants of the Leader Programme group which ended in March 2017. Given the challenges outlined at the event it was great to see how many of the companies have sought to continue embedding improvements through engaging with follow on support. Many of the other participants have put in place follow on activities such as Non-Executive Directors, consultancy projects and company-wide training programmes to continue improvements.

From a Programme Manager perspective, these reactions and the positive actions taken by the leaders to effect sustainable changes to their business reinforces the need for leadership training. This is especially true in a world of shifting customer behaviour, technology disruptions, AI, Internet of Everything, and much more.

With our company experiencing large expansion I have found the leader programme invaluable in using the knowledge gained from my mentor, Invest NI and fellow participants. I would recommend this programme strongly to anyone that has the drive to progress and succeed in business.

Gary Burns, BPC Ventilation

As ongoing leadership skills training is essential to making sure that leaders are on the right track you can contact our Business Support Team, submit an online enquiry or Tel 0800 181 4422.

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