Selling online webinar - best practice for selling on Amazon and eBay


This Invest NI selling online webinar provides best practice advice and guidance for selling on Amazon and eBay in 2016.

Delivered by Chris Dawson, co-founder and editor of Tamebay, one of the UK’s leading marketplace advice websites, it covers the challenges and opportunities of selling on eBay and Amazon. Chris shares his insights on changes within the marketplaces and opportunities local businesses can take to build a successful online business.

Webinar topics

  • Selling on Amazon in 2016: What to do to succeed and what Amazon will do for you?
  • Selling on eBay in 2016: What’s new with eBay and how will this increase your sales?
  • Other marketplaces: Which other marketplaces should you be using in the UK and worldwide?



Postage rates

The domestic postage rates charged by Royal Mail s stifling small local business. Example, a small harmonica that sells for £3 costs needs £3.40 2nd class small packet signed for postage. This then equates to £1.50 trade price + postage £3.40 = £4.90 plus eBay and PayPal fees @12% = £5.49. Even with no profit this is too expensive as it can be bought on eBay for £3.03 from China. How can post office deliver a packet from China cheaper than I can post it to my neighbour. Invest NI need to discuss with Royal Mail.

webinar selling on Amazon Ebay

I was searching on how to sell on Amazon and found this and found it very helpful especially about a code on products for Amazon and ebay, thank you I really learnt a lot.