Successful projects at local Competence Centres

The local Competence centres offer companies an opportunity to develop new products, processes and services and bring them more quickly to global markets, as well as giving local businesses access to leading edge solutions and skills.

Competence centres bring together universities, research institutes and innovative businesses to carry out strategic collaborative research in areas with a direct industrial focus. It is open to any company based in Northern Ireland or internationally, that wants to collaborate in applied research relevant to them at a reduced cost.

Cuan Boake of Applied Renewables Research Ltd explains the benefits of being involved in the project, Triple T2. 


The project has produced £400k of actual and potential contracts and has led to six jobs being created. There has been seven research findings papers published. There is now also significant interest in Strangford Lough as a tidal test site.

The Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy (CASE) focuses on developing highly innovative technologies for the sustainable energy sector. Sam McCloskey from CASE outlines what a competence centre can offer.


The Centre supports companies to compete in the global sustainable energy market by funding industry-led research in energy systems, turbines and energy from biomass.

In Northern Ireland there are three other Competence centres operating in the following areas connected health, advanced engineering and agri-food. These are areas that Northern Ireland has particular expertise.

The Connected Health Innovation Centre (CHIC) is delivering research in areas such as remote monitoring, healthcare analytics, point of care diagnostic and integrated community care. Watch a video about CHIC.

The Northern Ireland Advanced Composites and Engineering Centre (NIACE) is a technology hub for the research and development of advanced engineering and advanced materials technologies. NIACE supports companies and researchers to work together to deliver market-focused projects that generate benefits for industry. Watch a video on the work of NIACE.

The recently opened, Agri-Food QUEST focuses on improving the international competitive position of the Northern Ireland Agri-food sector through innovation and co-operative research. This will include research into packaging, shelf-life, waste minimisation and food security.

You can find out how to get involved by contacting them directly or contacting Invest NI.

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