Key Performance Indicators 2022

Invest NI Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide information on the size and performance of Invest NI supported businesses. 

  • The measures presented include the value of sales, external sales, exports and full-time equivalent employment.

    The KPIs show that Invest NI supported businesses account for approximately 75% of NI exports and almost 80% of NI external sales (sales outside NI).

    Invest NI supports businesses across a wide range of industry sectors, with more than 37,000 jobs in Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing and more than 33,000 jobs in Financial, Professional and Business Services.

  • Employment by Sector

  • Sales by Sector

  • External Sales account for almost 80% of total sales generated by Invest NI supported businesses, with sales to Great Britain accounting for 56% of external sales.

    Exports account for just over a third of total sales by Invest NI supported businesses, with exports to the EU accounting for just over 50% of all exports.

    The largest export markets for Invest NI supported businesses are the Republic of Ireland (£2.7bn), the US (£1.8bn) and Germany (£0.6bn).

  • Sales by Market

  • Employment by Council Area