Acetic Acid & Chip – The Bitter Taste of Chemical Regulations

In recent years, chemical and environmental  legislation has become increasingly stringent and this trend is set to continue.  As a result, there is mounting pressure on all industry sectors in Northern Ireland to keep on top of changes in the regulations that govern their activities and put in place plans to comply with the law.

An awareness event has been organised by Invest Northern Ireland’s Technical Advisory Unit (TAU) to inform local detergent manufacturers, raw material suppliers and detergent purchasers of the latest regulatory requirements and will be held on 7th March 2006 in Bedford Square.

TAU has experience in the regulatory field and can advise companies of their regulatory responsiblities.  Ian Wilkinson, Head of Invest NI’s TAU, commented on the need for businesses to learn from experts:

“Chemical and environmental regulations affect most firms, regardless of size, and compliance with the law can provide a significant competitive advantage, particularly in terms of public sector tendering.

“The seminar will provide attendees with an overview of the key aspects of environmental legislation that specifically impact on their activities.  It is designed to help local detergent producers and suppliers understand their responsibilities and make them more aware of the consequences of not complying with regulatory requirements.”

The expert speakers will provide updates on recently implemented laws as well as the progress of impending legislation. Topics to be covered include Biocidal Products Directive, Detergents Directive, Pollution Prevention and Control and preparation of Safety Data Sheets.

The British Association for Chemical Specialities (BACS), ‘Guide for Responsible Procurement of Cleaning Products’, designed to guide those in public sector to introduce a responsible environmental aspect to purchasing of cleaning products, will also be launched at the event.

While the seminar is primarily directed towards detergent formulators, suppliers and commercial users of cleaning products in both the public and private sectors, companies in the biodiesel sector should find the presentations on Pollution Prevention and Control and Safety Data Sheets of interest.

The half-day morning seminar will take place on 7th March in Bedford Square and admission is free. To register your interest in attending this event or for further information please contact Invest NI’s Technical Advisory Unit by emailing