Airtech Wins First Export to Australia for Innovative Technology

Dundonald-based Airtech Distribution has won its first export business for its Econoliser system.

Airtech has recently supplied its innovative Econoliser system for sterilising knives used in meat processing plants to one of Australia’s leading exporters of beef products to global markets Monbeef, based near Canberra in New South Wales. The unique technology was developed with a range of technical and other assistance from Invest Northern Ireland.

The system uses state-of-the-art sensor and timer technology to enable processing plants to reduce both water and energy costs and to improve hygiene.

The new sterilising technology is already operating in meat plants in Northern Ireland and Great Britain. It was developed by Robin Adair, Airtech Distribution’s Managing Director, with design, IP advice and Innovation Vouchers from Invest NI. The company has also been offered support from Invest NI for marketing the technology, especially outside Northern Ireland.

Airtech’s success was welcomed by Olive Hill, Invest NI’s Director of Innovation and Technology Solutions, who said: “Winning a first export contract is a significant development for this small but ambitious business.

“Airtech has used a broad range of technical advice and support that’s readily available from Invest NI and has now received endorsement from a leading international meat processing business, which shows there is a sizeable market opportunity for the company to exploit.”

Mr Adair said: “The order from Monbeef is a tremendous boost for our technology and will help us as we seek to grow sales during 2015. It came from a referral for one of our clients in Northern Ireland to a contact with business links in Australia.

“Monbeef subsequently contacted us to provide equipment for evaluation, which proved successful and led to an order, our first outside the United Kingdom, for the new equipment.

“While we developed the system in 2013, much of last year was devoted to refining the system and developing associated equipment that processors require with guidance from leading meat processors in Northern Ireland and Great Britain. This success in Australia will be extremely important as we step up our international marketing activities.

“Invest NI’s support for the development of the technology has been immensely encouraging. We look forward to working with Invest NI in marketing activities to harness the system’s export potential.”

Airtech’s unique sterilising system offers meat processing plants an effective means of controlling water input and energy required to keep the temperature at an optimum level. Companies currently use vast amounts of water and heat in their processing operations.