Anderson Manning Associates (AMA), the Northern Ireland-owned contact centre and telemarketing operator, has set up a new base in Londonderry and is expanding its existing centre in Bangor in a £2.6 million investment, Leslie Morrison, Invest Northern Ireland Chief Executive, said today.

Mr Morrison announced the new Invest NI-backed investment with Stuart Anderson, AMA’s Managing Director. The company, which is investing to meet a growing demand for its services from new and existing clients in Great Britain, has located the Derry centre at the Rosemount Building, a complex developed specifically for IT investors and within a New Targeting Social Need area. AMA’s Bangor centre is at Newtownards Road.

Said Mr Morrison: “AMA is adding significant value to its business by a substantial investment in capability in the extensive range of services to clients, particularly in markets outside Northern Ireland, as well as the skills and knowledge of existing and prospective employees.

“This is an ambitious and successful business with a first class track record in the provision of contact centre services to exacting clients in an intensely competitive marketplace. Through our Principles for Business Support we have developed a business solution customised to assist the company achieve and maintain high growth rates.

“Network services/contact centres is one of Invest Northern Ireland’s target sectors for both Inward Investment and locally based expansions. A market that’s currently worth £930 million and with a projected annual growth of 12 per cent presents a huge business opportunity for Northern Ireland,” he added.

Commenting on the expansion, Mr Anderson said: “We are projecting sustained growth as a result of several recent contract successes involving leading companies in Great Britain and from an expansion of our existing business.

“To carry forward the strong growth that we have experienced over the years, we are offering our clients additional value in terms of existing and new services including enhanced client management and support for strategic planning.

“The additional staff will enable us to meet the growing demand for our expertise, to expand our existing services in line with our business plan and provide the capability to attract further business from outside Northern Ireland.

“Our business depends upon the availability of quality people who are easily motivated and keen to develop new skills. We’ve developed a strong team in Bangor over the years and are now able to access well-educated people in the North West through our Derry operation,” added Mr Anderson.

Established in 1993 with five employees as a telesales agency, AMA now offers a very broad range of services, including telemarketing, fundraising for charities, inbound and outbound campaigns and direct mail, and draws 80 per cent of its business from clients in markets outside Northern Ireland.

The company also offers customers related services including fulfilment, warehousing, e-business enabled solutions and data management.