Antrim Engineers on Target to Achieve £20million in External Sales

An Antrim based mechanical and electrical firm is on target to secure external sales of £20 million by 2014, thanks to support from Invest Northern Ireland.

Blackbourne Integrated M & E offers integrated services including contracting maintenance and environmental / sustainable solutions, delivering projects across various commercial, educational and healthcare sectors.  

Over the last 12 months the company has accessed a wide range of support and advice from Invest NI, specifically to help develop growth and development opportunities in Great Britain.  As a result, Blackbourne Integrated M & E has created a new brand image, evaluated core activities, expanded its mechanical engineering services and is now implementing a targeted marketing strategy.

Bill Scott, Director of Regional Economic Development at Invest NI, said: “Given how the economic downturn has affected the construction sector, this is an extremely positive move by a well established locally owned company, operating in the mechanical and electrical field.

“Over the last 12 months, Blackbourne Integrated M & E’s commitment towards growth has seen the business refine its product and service offerings and develop a strong brand image in order to improve customer experience and increase efficiencies. Having identified approximately £20million of new business, primarily in GB, Blackbourne Integrated M & E has already succeeded in winning new contracts and is on course to achieve its sales targets.

“A strong focus on growth and improvement is crucial to business success and many more companies could benefit from a similar approach to increasing their competitiveness.  

Morris Cairns of Blackbourne Integrated M & E, says: “With our business in its 50th year, support and advice from Invest NI, has helped us to enter a new era of growth. Over the last 12 months we have transformed the company by looking at all areas of our operations and re-evaluating our priorities.

“By implementing a complete rebrand and developing a targeted marketing strategy for external markets, we can now set our focus on identifying new and growing existing business.

“The investment has been invaluable as business in Edinburgh worth £4.5m has already been secured on the Royal Commonwealth Swimming Pool project, through local construction firm Grahams.  I am confident that, armed with our enhanced capabilities, we can continue to expand the business and achieve our £20million sales target by 2014.”