Arcatech Wins Major Contract in Austria with Invest NI Backed Innovation

Arcatech in Lisburn has won a £200,000 contract from Telekom Austria for highly innovative telecommunications testing equipment developed with assistance from Invest Northern Ireland.

The company, now an industry leader in sophisticated software and hardware for the global telecoms industry, was offered Invest NI R&D assistance of £207,100 to develop a state-of-the-art test platform for operators switching from analogue systems to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. The Invest NI support includes part funding from the European Regional Development Fund, (ERDF).

Arcatech’s success in Austria was announced by Managing Director Terry Simpson and welcomed by Carol Keery, Invest NI’s Director of Innovation, Research and Technology. The company has also received assistance to develop the business, particularly in terms of export marketing and has taken part in a series of Invest NI trade missions to key technology markets such as North America.

Carol Keery said: “The company’s sharp focus on R&D has enabled it to develop the world’s most advanced call generator system to help telecoms operators ensure that their systems are operating at the peak efficiency their customers expect.

“Encouraging and assisting companies, particularly smaller firms, to strengthen their global competitiveness by investing in R&D projects which lead to innovative technologies, is one of the pillars of our strategy. In today’s global markets, companies need to invest in developing innovative products or services otherwise they risk an uncertain future due to shorter product life cycles, intensifying competition and increasingly sophisticated customers.

“Arcatech has used our support to devise a highly innovative product that is clearly helping to increase sales, improve profits and maximise operational efficiencies.”

Terry Simpson, Arcatech Managing Director, said: “The business with Telekom Austria resulted from a direct approach from the company which had heard of Arcatech’s expertise. We shaped our technology to meet the company’s specific requirements, and in so doing we have developed our product to meet the very latest ETSI standards.

“Arcatech is an innovative design and development company committed to providing the next generation’ of telecommunications test solutions. Our combined hardware and software platforms are used in the laboratories of major multinational companies throughout the world to develop, analyze, test and demonstrate many types of telecom equipment and networks.

“While we have leading-edge technology - the only system able to generate huge volumes of calls for testing - a key aspect of our strategy is a strong customer focus. We work with clients to develop telecom testing solutions that meet their specific requirements.

“Today, virtually all our business is outside Northern Ireland and around 60 per cent of our products go to clients in global markets such as the US, where we supply corporations such as Lockheed, and South East Asia, where our clients include Panasonic.

“Invest NI has been tremendously supportive and has helped us to pioneer new technology and to bring this to market quicker than would have been possible if we had to depend entirely upon our own resources,” he added.

In addition to providing a broad range of telecoms services throughout Austria, Telekom Austria operates in Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia.