ATG invests to expand and grow exports

ATG Services Ireland Ltd (ATG), the Coleraine environmental business, is being assisted by Invest Northern Ireland to expand its services and increase business in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

The company’s expansion plans were announced by Dr Mark McKinney, the founding Managing Director, and welcomed by Des Gartland, Invest NI North West Regional Office Manager. ATG is investing almost £600,000 to develop its business and has been offered Selective Financial Assistance by Invest NI of £70,000.  

The investment is expected to provide nine new jobs, including three at senior management level in sales and marketing and technical direction, over the next three years.

Dr McKinney, outlining the company’s expansion plans, said: “This investment is being made to enable us to harness the business potential for the company resulting from the ever increasing demand for expert environmental services.

“We plan to achieve this by strengthening our management infrastructure and also developing other services now being sought by existing and potential clients. What it will lead to is the creation of a one-stop-shop offering expert consultancy and practical services in land remediation and other environmental areas, especially higher added value activities in oil refining and industrial food production.

“This strategic refocusing of the business is already attracting enquiries from potential clients in Great Britain and the Republic. As a result, we are now positioning sales and technical support in both markets.

“Support from Invest NI is enabling us to grow the business faster in terms of capability in technical support as well as sales and marketing. The expansion should see sales turnover grow by over 80 per cent by the end of 2011, an expansion driven by a very substantial increase in business outside Northern Ireland.”

Mr Gartland said: “ATG is operating in a very dynamic marketplace that is increasingly demanding the type of expertise that this company has developed over many years. The investment positions it for faster growth within this important industry.       

“This is an entrepreneurial business that has a very sharp focus on the development of innovative products and services, particularly for markets outside Northern Ireland. Innovation is now firmly embedded in the business and has led to the identification of new products and services in areas such as water treatment for its target market.

“Our support is geared to facilitate innovation and international sales. The company expects to generate around 50 per cent of its business from export markets by 2011, building on a strong track of success in Northern Ireland since its formation by Dr McKinney who has a wealth of experience in running an export focused business in environmental technologies. “